Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario

Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario

Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario

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To build and support a strong collective voice for early childhood educators (ECEs) so they can participate in decision-making processes and influence positive change that benefits ECEs, children, families, and communities.


  • Advocates for respect, recognition, professional wages, and decent working conditions for all ECEs
  • Aims to build an ECE-led movement by providing opportunities for professional development, community-building, and collaboration


  • Supports ECEs to connect with each other in meaningful ways and collectively become more knowledgable about the policies and systems that affect their daily work and practice
  • Provides ongoing resources and information about issues impacting the Ontario ECEC sector

How is the AECEO structured?

The AECEO is a member-driven organization with an elected voluntary Board of Directors. The AECEO has 7 provincial office staff.

How is the AECEO funded?

The AECEO is a non-profit organization. Projects are funded through public and private grants, membership fees and donations.

What are the AECEO projects?

The AECEO is currently working on the Decent Work project and the Building Leadership and Learning Communities project, among others.

Are the AECEO and the College of ECEs the same thing?

No, the AECEO and the CECE are separate organizations and serve different purposes. Both aim to raise the standards of the early years sector.

The CECE is a professional College and regulates ECE as a profession. It’s responsible for evaluating the ongoing competence of its members The CECE protects the public by setting registration requirements, and ethical and professional standards for educators. Membership at the College is mandatory in order to practice the. profession and use the title of ECE.

The AECEO is a professional association and acts on behalf of ECEs in Ontario. The AECEO’s primary goal is to represent the interests of members and to support them in their pursuit of competent and ethical practice. Membership at the AECEO is voluntary.



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