Post Secondary Programs

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Post Secondary Programs

Post Secondary Programs

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Collège Boréal

This program prepares students to become early childhood educators capable of working with children in a variety of early learning contexts. Students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to work with families and other professionals to support child learning and development.

Early Childhood Education Diploma (Full-Time & Distance)

St. Clair College

Graduates of this program can be part of the licensed child care team supporting young children in infant, toddler, preschool or school age classrooms in developing thinking, learning, communication, physical, social and emotional skills. Registered Early Childhood Educators design and provide a curriculum that is based on the interests and the developmental level of each child. Practitioners in the field of Early Childhood Education work closely not only with children but also with families and other professionals, so excellent communication and social interaction skills are also required.

Early Childhood Education Diploma Full-Time

Early Childhood Education Diploma Accelerated

Early Childhood Education Diploma Part-Time

University of Windsor

The Concurrent Psychology/Education/ECE program is offered in co-operation with St. Clair College. This program will prepare you to teach in child care and in schools at the primary/junior levels (K-6).

Concurrent Psychology/Education/Early Childhood Education Program

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